Bulk package (40 boxes) LibiForMe for men- (2 capsules)

Bulk package (40 boxes) LibiForMe for men- (2 capsules)
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Do you need a 100% natural supplement to have extra fun in bed, choose LibiForMe. ✓ Discrete and fast delivery ✓ Quaranteed succes



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Price per 40 boxes of 2 capsules

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Bulk packaging LibiForMe 2 - 40 boxes with 2 capsules each

LibiForMe is an erection pill with 100% natural ingredients who help men with a better/stronger erection. Or just are used by men who want extra fun in bed.

LibiForMe is a 100% based natural product that is guaranteed to improve your sexlife. You will absolutely enjoy more of the sex and your erection will last longer. LibiForMe is based on knowledge of old Chinese herbalists. For ages the chinese population uses herbal drinks to improve the libido. The composition of these drinks lead to the development of LibiForMe, a composition of these herbs in a capsule.

LibiForMe is meant to be for men who, for any reason, need some extra energy to act in bed. 
Would you like to add an additional dimension to your sex life and have more fun in bed (or somewhere else)? It’s possible! Try LibiForMe !

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LibiForMe is easy to order here. To any country in Europe and in discrete package. 

How to use LibiForMe :

Take one capsule, one to two hour before sexual activity
Keep the product on room temperature
Do not take more than 1 capsule a day
Please read the instructions before use. In case of any doupt, please consult your doctor.

Dry extracts from Chinese herbs in a capsule of hard gelatine.
•      60 mg RHODIOLA SACRA 
•      30 mg ASIAN GINSENG
•      30 mg CYNOMORIUM
•      30 mg GENTIAN
•      30 mg INDIAN BUEAD                                   
•      30 mg LOBED KUDZUVINE ROOT                                          
•      30 mg COMMON YAM RHIZOMA                            
•      15 mg EUCOMMIA BARK                       
•      15 mg CASSIA
•      15 mg RHEMANIA
•      15 mg SCROPHULARIA                           
•      190 mg Vulstof MCC 
•       10 mg Magnesium Sterate

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